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  • Did you know that the majority of businesses are put off enforcing restrictive covenants even when the employee is clearly in breach, due to the legal costs involved?

  • Did you know that advice provided by HR consultants and other non-lawyers has to be disclosed in an Employment Tribunal? In contrast, all our advice stays confidential.

  • Did you know that an employee can initiate a protected conversation? If your employee asks to speak to you “off the record” make sure that you listen but don’t commit to anything.

  • Did you know that a pregnant woman’s partner now has the right to time off work in order to attend ante-natal appointments?

  • Did you know that contractual terms do not have to be in a written and signed contract? If your employee hasn’t signed their contract but continues working under it, they won’t be able to argue it doesn’t apply to them.

  • Did you know that there are additional rules which apply if you employ people who are younger than 18 and even more rules which apply if employees are under 16, regardless of the job they do?

  • Did you know that you could be liable if your employee is harassed by colleagues on Facebook or Twitter?

  • Did you know that employers are three times more likely to be awarded costs in an Employment Tribunal than an employee is?

  • Did you know that the average compensation award for age discrimination claims in the last year was £10,000 higher than the average compensation awarded for religious or sexual orientation discrimination?